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Crossfit C/S

Owned and operated by brothers Bryan Diaz and Sonny Uriegas, Crossfit C/S opened in January 2014 to serve athletes of all levels in San Antonio, TX.


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At Crossfit CS we embrace the aspect of community. A community that enjoys pushing themselves alongside one another. Our coaches are well trained and prepared to teach all ranges of fitness levels. We welcome and open our doors to everyone, no matter your fitness experience. If you are completely new to Crossfit, we have the tools and insight you need to jump right in and develop at your own pace. If you are an experienced Crossfitter, one of our owners is a Games veteran and wealth of knowledge in all aspects of general strength, gymnastics skill, olympic lifting, power lifting, endurance and nutrition. We encourage our members and all people to challenge themselves daily and live the life you are meant to, making yourself and others stronger.

Featured Program

– CS Barbell –

CS Barbell is an olympic lifting program that is designed to help with overall general strength development and the high skilled olympic lifts: Snatch and Clean and Jerk.

Personal Training

Personal training is available upon request. These sessions can include any one of the major pillars of Crossfit like general strength, gymnastics, olympic lifting, power lifting, and endurance training.


Another one of our priorities is to ensure our members understand the importance of longevity. Health is a function of doing all the right things over and over again for a LONG time. The more consistent our behavior is, the more we can count on achieving our goals, whatever those goals might be.


Our programming includes a specific warm-up and cool-down that pertains to the workout of the day. We are proud to have an owner who is a Chiropractor and Mobility WOD staff member that programs for us. It is imperative that our members remain injury free. Our goal is to keep our members healthy and able to participate in the activities they love inside and out of the gym.


“Great coaches! I just started out and they have taken the time to stop and show me how to position the correct way. Very excited and look forward to my crossfit lifestyle change.” Belinda M.

“As someone who decided to get back into Crossfit after a year or so, this is the perfect Box, because the coaches not only push for your best but they take the time to show you the right way to get there.” Nicole D.

“The coaches at Crossfit CS excel at tailoring programming aimed at increasing flexibility, mobility, strength and conditioning while fostering a welcoming yet still competitive team dynamic. This box is a rare find for any mature athlete wanting to continue dropping sweat and have others push them past perceived limitations.” Sean Page



Crossfit C/S

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