5 Tips for New Crossfitters


5 Tips for New Crossfitters

  • Get to class 10 minutes early, all the time.

    • Not only does it reduce the stress of getting to class on time, but you can get the most out of Crossfit! You can warm up on the Crossover Symmetry stations (highly recommend doing this atleast 3 times a week) or work on some mobility/rehab (if needed) exercises. My favorite part of getting to class early is you can socialize!! Cheer on your friends while they’re finishing up their workout! You know they need the encouragement during their last couple of minutes. Talk to the other people that you’re about to work out with, get to know them, ask how their day is.  The best thing about Crossfit is the community, be a part of it!

  • Keep Trying!

    •  You may not get a movement down the first time, second time, nor the tenth time! It’s ok! Keep trying, never give up, and keep asking questions. Even Olympic lifters still have to tweak their clean and jerk.  Do not expect to master a movement in a week, be patient and persistent.

  • Rest and Recovery

    • These two things are more important than exercise! Without these two things, you cannot capitalize on your workout. Rest your body, sleep 7-8 hours a night.  Your body deserves it. Make sure your body is properly recovering after a workout with a cool down.  The cool down will reduce your heart rate at a proper pace and clear byproducts in your body that contribute to soreness. Even if the workout takes you to the end of your hour, you can spare 2-3 minutes on the rower!

  • Embrace the suck!

    • Yes, Crossfit hurts and at times you may think “Why the heck am I doing this to my body?” The sooner you accept the pain and ‘suckiness’, the faster you will see gains.  Physical gains, yes, but also mental gains.  A positive mind does wonders inside the gym and outside as well.  Try this, next time you’re in the middle of the workout and your mind tells you “Stop, this sucks, everything hurts, you need to stop”, do one more rep.  Your body is capable of so much more than what you think.

  • The Hardest Thing About Crossfit…

    • is walking through the door.  We are all busy juggling whatever life throws at us.  For once, be selfish. Force yourself to just focus on you for 2-3 hours a week. Leave the problems, responsibilities, worries at the door.  When you walk into CS, the only thing that should be on your mind is you. Do it, you deserve it.