Athlete of the Month – November



Please meet Tanya Knox, a dedicated C/S athlete with outstanding results. Tanya is married, has a 5 year-old daughter and has a full time job outside the home. Initially she was intimidated by the crossfit environment, and worried about looking “ridiculous” with some of the movements. However, after working out on her own and not seeing results, she decided to try it out and persuaded a friend to join her in her new adventure. In little time, she began to feel stronger.

“What I like best about crossfit is that I am always challenged and never bored; and I feel great!”

In addition to a supportive husband, Tanya is grateful for the encouragement she receives from the other athletes and loves the support from the “best cheerleader crossfit will ever see,” Veronica. “Everyone genuinely cares about the others achieving their goals whether it is a PR or learning a new technique.” Coach Sonny’s positive reinforcement, Rich’s nutrition guidance, the support from the other members have made for a very successful foundation for Tanya’s fitness journey. “I still have a long road to achieve my goals, but I am loving the new, strong, and fit me that C/S has helped me discover.”

Tanya, we are proud of your commitment and dedication to achieving your fitness goals. Thank you for joining our C/S family!