Crossfit Lingo and WOD Etiquette


WOD – Work out of the Day – The is the workout Crossfitters perform on a given day!


AMRAP – This is a type of WOD in which the athlete will perform “As Many Reps/Rounds As Possible”, given a specific time period.


EMOM – This is a type of WOD in which the athlete will perform a set of movements “Every Minute On the Minute”.


Triple Lock – This term will be used a lot by coaches.  It means to set your shoulders down and back, activate your core/abs, active your glutes.  This stacks the spine in a neutral position, which is ideal for all movements.


Rx – “As Prescribed” or as written.  This is a WOD done without adjustments.


1RM – Your 1RM is your max lift for one rep.  Your 5RM is the most you can lift 5 times.  It is important to record your RM for movements so athletes can calculate percentages off of it and also know when a PR is achieved!


PR – A “Personal Rcord”! High fives are allowed after you hit a new PR.

WOD Etiquette


1. If you see a new face, introduce yourself! You remember the first time you stepped into a crossfit gym, help them feel welcome :)!


2. Respect the equipment – Always clean up and put away your equipment after you are finished with it.  Never drop a barbell on the floor without any bumper plates on the side! And if you sweat profusely on an ab mat or have left a piece of your skin on the barbell, grab one of the Clorox wipes and clean it up.  The next class will appreciate it!


3. Lastly, and most importantly, don’t forget to have fun! Life is so much more than PRs.  It’s about having great experiences and constantly improving.  If you are not able to do a WOD RX’d it’s completely fine! Be positive and be better than you were yesterday, that’s all the coaches ask of you.  The PRs and new achievements will come, I guarantee it.  And in the end, you will be a happier and stronger person because of it :).